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Mold Testing

Mold spores are everywhere!! Believe it or not, there's practically no getting away from them at all. They are in the air we breathe outside, and in our homes. What causes problems is when there is excessive humidity, or water intrusion that hasn't been properly treated or dried, allowing the spores to anchor themselves down, multiply, and produce mycotoxins (which is what causes allergic reactions and sickness).
Carpet Smith offers air quality testing for mold, and even includes a free preliminary mold inspection when you have a test done to identify possible causes and or sources, and also a plan to remedy the situation.
Mold testing fees are $99.00 / sample, with a minimum of two samples required - one inside, and one outside so the lab has something to compare against. Because like I said, mold spores are everywhere, and each area has its own 'normal' spore count.
Once we come out and take the samples, we overnight them to the lab, and then approximately 24hrs after the lab gets them, the results are emailed to us with a very detailed report on exactly what spores are there, what materials they feed on, and physical ailments associated with each type of spore.
Please take into account that there are hundreds of types of spores, and they cannot be identified by simply looking at them without a microscope. And also 'home tests' that you can buy in the store are going to show growth no matter what you do simply because once again, 'mold spores are everywhere', and something will always land in the petri dish and begin to grow. The difference is; with the home test, you have no idea what type of spore you are dealing with (several types are very dangerous), the level of the infestation, and no plan to have the issue remediated.
So if you are dealing with a possible mold issue, or if you are looking to buy a property that you have questions about, call Carpet Smith, and we'll come out and test for you, and give you a certified test result, and get you taken care of.
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